Women’s health/gynaecological

There are a variety of patients with bladder, bowel or sexual problems including women, men and children. Commonly Pregnant ladies experience pelvic or low back pain and need specialised physiotherapy or postnatally ladies can have abdominal problems or stress incontinence.


Can Billericay Physiotherapy help?

YES! Women’s health physiotherapy is a non-surgical treatment for a number of women’s health problems. As many as one in three women will experience some kind of women’s health problem during their lifetime, but often they are too embarrassed to seek help. If the problem has developed since childbirth, they might even think it’s normal. These problems can lead to women developing their own coping strategies, such as cutting out ‘high risk’ activities like exercise; going to the toilet more frequently than necessary; drinking less in the misguided belief if will stop them leaking; or relying on pads as an expensive solution to the problem. Yet sometimes all it takes is some specialist treatment and advice to get women back on track.