I was recommended to Jesse after suffering knee problems for over a year which was linked with my body feeling weak generally.

We discussed my condition and talked in detail about various methods to help my condition improve. What impressed me the most, was how knowledgeable Jesse was on the subject and his attention to detail. We created a roadmap and set achievable goals which gave me the confidence to work on the areas of pain and filled me with assurance that my condition would improve

Nick Farley

I have seen Jesse for a knee injury sustained during exercise and also rehabilitation after a serious shoulder operation. The assessment and treatment has always been spot on but what I like most is the honest assessment of where the injury is and when it is likely to be at a good stage. Both injuries were before sporting events I was training for, I followed Jesses recovery home exercise program as well as having treatment  and I was able to complete the events.

Martin Aubrey

I would recommend to anyone and everyone who has painful and/or restrictive movement that they seek professional help rather than put up with the symptoms and hope they go away. I first attended Billericay Physiotherapy whilst recovering from a serious shoulder injury and after only a few sessions and by following the home exercise programme prescribed, I was able to make substantial improvements to my range of movement.

Tony Crowe

The team at Billericay Physio have been providing me with treatment for over 5 years now, I have always found them to be very professional, able to accommodate me at short notice.

The treatment they provide is always very effective and I appreciate the preventative advice which is offered as well as remedial treatment

Hana Erskine

In a nutshell, Alex is my magic working hero! She has treated me for a couple of years for back, neck and knee pain. She is the ultimate professional. I don’t see her just as a physiotherapist, but also as somebody who genuinely cares about her patients’ overall welfare. I feel completely safe in her hands and am confident that her knowledge and experience combine to create the best outcome for my aches and pains!

Lizzy Hutcherson

I would have no hesitation in recommending Alex. Three years ago I went to her with very painful chronic neck pain after previous visits to consultants and physio’s , all of them promising relief but to no avail. However, although my condition will never totally be cured, with Alex’s magic hands my pain is now minimal and manageable. I feel as though I have got my life back and will always be so grateful to her.

Debbie Cornall