Performance Coaching

We offer sports team performance coaching asĀ  helping develop more strength, power, control and mobility forĀ elite and recreational runners.

Squad training

We offer sports team performance coaching for youth, academy and senior games players to improve movement skills, coordination, strength, agility, reactive strength and speed. We can help to implement of more effective warm-ups which will better prepare the players for accelerating, cutting, twisting and decelerating and reduce the chance of injury, especially when fatigued.

Speed training to develop the skill of running at high speed which can reduce the chances of hamstring injuries occurring and other soft tissue injuries. We will address relevant sprint drills and development of multi-directional speed.

Plyometrics (jumping) will be an integral part of any speed development programme, to also develop force absorption which is crucial when changing direction.

We also offer structured coach/manager development workshops as part of their ongoing CPD. Our lead performance coach has delivered coached development sessions across multiple professional and grassroots sports, and led a programme of coach development for Athletics during the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games cycles

Marathon, half marathon and 10km strength and conditioning programmes

Are you looking to develop more strength, power, control and mobility so you can be more efficient when you run and recover optimally between training sessions?

Research has shown that better delivery of force production per stride will improve running efficiency and economy per stride. 3-5 times your body weight will go through your joints at foot strike, so it is crucial to withstand these forces and be more stable per stride.

Our performance coach has worked with multiple elite and recreational runners and will prescribe a programme that is structured around your weekly steady runs, hills and tempo runs. We can also conduct a biomechanical analysis of your running to address issues that could lead to injury or poor running efficiency.

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