In children pain associated with growth, usually rapid growth, like you would see in a growth spurt is given the umbrella term of ‘Growing Pains’. When we grow; bone grows quicker than the muscles attached to it, and so the muscles, these muscles pull on the soft bone, resulting in inflammatory pain at the site of the muscle-tendon attachment.

Common sites are the ankle “Sever’s disease” and the knee “Osgood-Schlatter disease”. The tight muscles can also cause increased pressure on the joint surfaces which again can cause irritation and pain.

Unfortunately children are normally very active which can make their symptoms worse.

Can Billericay Physiotherapy help?

YES! Physiotherapy can help by allowing you and your child to understand the cause of their symptoms and how to go about controlling them. A specific, progressive Home Exercise Programme to regain full flexibility and function will form the basis of the treatment. This will go hand in hand with a plan to manage your child’s activity levels to allow the symptoms to fully settle, prior to return to full activity. ‘Hands On’ Therapy including stretches and massage may also be used to improve muscle length and relieve symptoms.

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