Ligament Sprains

A ligament is a band of tissue in or around a joint which connects a bone to a bone and provides stability to the joint. A sprain occurs when pressure put through the ligament is too much for it to take and it has to give.

Depending on the amount of force, the damage to the ligament can vary from overstretched to torn.

Ligament sprains can occur in everyday activities, with slips or trips, but are more common in sports, especially those which involve sudden changes in direction or contact.

Can Billericay Physiotherapy help?

YES! Physiotherapy can help by allowing you to understand the nature of your symptoms and best way to manage them. A specific, progressive Home Exercise Programme to regain full range of movement, strength and function back to the affected area will form the basis of your treatment. ‘Hands On’ Therapy including mobilisations, stretches, ultrasound and massage may also be used to optimise your recovery.

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